One Endodontics - Falls Church

Always Growing

We’ve come a long way, but we believe our best years are still ahead of us. Our specialists are always refreshing and expanding their skills and our practice will always look for the latest in dental techniques and technologies.

One Endodontics - Falls Church

Techniques & Technologies

Our endodontic dental team uses modern techniques and technology to perform procedures quickly and with great precision. Your health and comfort are important to us. Using the right tools means very little discomfort and a swift recovery.

One Endodontics - Falls Church

A Part of Our Community

1Endodontics has come a long way, but we believe our best years are still ahead of us! That’s why we’re so dedicated to staying up to date with the latest techniques and technology. Our team regularly attends seminars to refresh and expand their professional repertoire. We’re always looking for better solutions for your dental challenges.

Meet the Team

How can we help you today? Our whole team values personalized care and sincerely want to see you smile. Tell us all about your dental care needs and your smile wishes.

What Our Patients are Saying

Very Professional

Mina Thaeer

Knowledgeable, personable and passionate about his patient. Dr. Al-Hassany always greet his patient with a smiling face, genuinely interested on how his patient been doing. Everyone should be so lucky to be his patient. I’ve known Dr. Al-Hassany for a couple years now, worked with him and been his patient as well, he explains every single detail even the material or instruments being used. It’s evident that he loves what he does.

Sevara Yuldasheva

My friend referred me to One Endodontics and I can say with a great confidence that I am really pleased with my experience in this clinic and particularly with my experience with Dr. Al-Hassany. The friendly atmosphere of the clinic and the doctor helped me to overcome the panic and fear before the procedure. After such a great experience here I will definitely refer my friends and family here!

One Endodontics - Falls Church

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